Cannabiz Accounting

New Website Launched

We are in the process of completing our new cannabiz accounting website and have launched it as a work in progress. Now all changes are being done by in-house staff which makes it easier (and faster) for us to post the latest information.

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Marijuana Workshops

If you have not signed up for one of our single-day workshops, now is the time to do so. Our June 13 workshop is already sold out and our June 27 workshop is filling up quickly. Jared has put together a great workshop that includes a workbook and...

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Longhorn state passes Bill 2165

First step on Texas proposed marijuana bill.  Opinions are that God gave it to us therefore we should legalize it.  While it may not be the best support tactic, this bill is headed to the “house” for approval.  Insiders say it will...

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IRS 280e Presentation

If you haven’t had the chance to attend one of our 420 workshops, here’s an opportunity for you to view the DEC that we used at one of our earlier shops. Although the sale of marijuana is legal in several states, it continues to...

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New Image Post

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New Post Without Image

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Audio Post Format

Natural Blues
by Moby

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