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Keeping our clients out of harms way.

Finding the right team to handle your accounting and taxes can sometimes be a trying experience in any industry.  Even more so in the marijuana industry. Many accounting firms are now saying “we have the expertise to handle your taxes and accounting” but in reality they don’t.

We chuckle at the audits that we are asked to perform because their “accountant” didn’t understand IRS 280E.  And who ends up paying the price for the lack of competence?  Why you do of course!

We have spent thousands of hours on research, audits, and continuing education courses to make sure that we get it right.  So much that we stand behind the work we do.  Guaranteed!

Do your due diligence.  Everyone of our clients have done the same and came to the realization that Cannabiz Accounting was the firm for them.  Once you are here, you’ll never leave!

Phone: 844-277-0101